Hoge Fenton represents companies, academic and research organizations, and trade associations headquartered in non-U.S. countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Russia, and the United Kingdom. We also assist U.S. companies that are doing business abroad and/or are looking to establish business units in other countries. Our clients’ businesses cover a wide range of industries, but center primarily around information, telecommunications, semiconductors and Internet technologies.

When our overseas clients are looking to create a Silicon Valley presence or develop commercial relationships here, we assist them with establishing U.S. subsidiaries branch offices, affiliated entities, joint ventures, and strategic partnerships and alliances. We help them achieve their goals by handling their corporate and tax issues, securities law matters, mergers and acquisitions, employment law, regulatory matters, real property and equipment leases, intellectual property protection and licensing, and product distribution issues. Our lawyers specialize in helping our clients structure and negotiate long-term business relationships with their U. S. customers and vendors, and navigate the intricacies of U. S. law in a cost-effective manner. With more than 60 years’ experience in Silicon Valley, we know how to get things done efficiently for our clients.

Our attorneys have developed valuable networks abroad with attorneys and other business professionals. We often are retained by and collaborate with counsel in other countries to serve their clients here in the U. S., and likewise are able to quickly connect with non-U.S. counsel or other professional advisors when our clients need immediate assistance on the ground overseas.

Unfortunately, non-U.S. companies occasionally get into disputes in the U. S. We offer comprehensive dispute resolution services, including voluntary and binding U. S. arbitration, international arbitration, early neutral evaluation, and mediation. If it becomes necessary to litigate, our clients rely on our litigation practice group’s renowned expertise in state and federal courts in the U.S. at both the trial and appellate court levels.

Our clients benefit from the diversity of our attorney staff. Many of our lawyers have cross-cultural backgrounds, are licensed in other countries, and/or speak several languages, including French, German, Mandarin, Punjabi, Spanish, and Urdu.

Representative Clients Based Outside the U. S.

Base Country Company
Australia XtreamLok
Canada Clarify/Nortel
Majestic Mushrooms
Visionwall Corp.
France Prassi Software
Sorrento Lactalis, Inc.
Germany LPKF Laser & Electronics
LFoundry GmbH
Indonesia Ivena
Italy Marsica Innovation & Technology S.r.l.
Japan ETA
Netherlands Philips Electronics
Pijnenburg Securealink
Singapore Flextronics International
Switzerland Integrated Systems Engineering
Taiwan Acer Laboratories, Inc. / ALi
ChipMOS Technologies, Inc.
Milestone Land Development Corp.
United Kingdom BAE Systems
Celoxica, Inc.
Fibrenetix Ltd.
Invest East of England
Lifespan Solutions

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