Hoge Fenton believes that protecting our environment and natural resources is crucial for our employees and clients, our local communities, and the global community. While law firms have a reputation for generating more than their fair share of paper, we are making a concerted effort to operate as a sustainable law firm.

Here are just some of ways in which we strive to reduce our impact on the environment:

  • Leadership and Community Involvement. We have Build It Green® certified attorneys on our staff. They are at the forefront of sustainability, and regularly contribute to legal and developer/builder trade journals and routinely speak at conferences around the nation.
  • Educating Our Employees. Hoge Fenton has undertaken an initiative to communicate with our employees about the importance of operating as a sustainable business, and how they can do their part. We are an active participant in the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Spare The Air program, and we have completed everything required to achieve our Bay Area Green Business Certification.
  • Commuting and Travel. We encourage the use of mass transit, carpooling, biking, and other alternatives to driving. We offer subsidized public transit passes and provide bike racks for our employees.
  • Purchasing “Green.” Purchasing decisions – from law firm stationery to beverage containers – are now made through a lens of sustainability. Whenever feasible, we give preference to materials and supplies that are recyclable, biodegradable, have recycled content, are free of hazardous chemicals, and are locally produced.
  • Resource Reduction. The firm employs energy conservation and efficiency strategies in its heating, cooling, lighting, and business equipment systems. For example, motion-sensor lights are installed in private offices and our restrooms have motion-sensor water faucets.
  • Waste Reduction. Hoge Fenton attempts to conserve paper by discouraging unnecessary printing and copying, using duplex copier settings, and distributing office communications by email rather than paper. We reuse equipment and supplies as we can and maximize recycling, including batteries, printer cartridges, fluorescent lights, and electronic waste. We regularly donate outdated business supplies to a local nonprofit – RAFT (Resource Area for Teaching) – that makes them available to teachers in our community at little or no cost. We provide washable dishware and dishwashers to reduce the use of disposables, and have eliminated all bottled water.

Our Vision

We are, and always aspire to be:

Trusted by our clients
and the community

A benefit to
our community

Committed to the
legal profession

A business that cares about
the well-being of its employees

Mackrell International California Minority Counsel Program Best Places to Work 2019 Bay Area Green Business