Hoge Fenton strives to be the best law firm along the Peninsula and in the Silicon Valley, Tri-Valley regions, providing the highest level of client service.

Guiding Principles

Hoge Fenton believes:

  1. Service to our clients is our first priority. Our goal is to be a problem-solver for each client. Once we know our client’s objective, we identify and explain the relevant legal alternatives and jointly develop a strategy. We give clients our best professional advice, reflecting our independent professional judgment on how to resolve the issue at hand.
  2. We are committed to zealous advocacy for our clients, consistent with ethical and legal requirements. We recognize the value of clear communication of a client’s position and the need for aggressive and immediate action, when necessary. We take pride in our professional reputation and our record of favorable results for our clients.
  3. We have the expertise and skill to handle a wide range of legal work. We negotiate complicated transactions, resolve complex business disputes through negotiation, mediation and arbitration, and handle lawsuits through trial and appeal in all courts. The collective experience and diverse skills of the lawyers in our firm provide our clients with a substantial advantage in getting prompt, practical, and effective answers to their problems and top-notch results on their cases. We work collaboratively to leverage our legal resources for our client’s benefit.
  4. We believe that the practice of law is a profession, not just a business. We strive to meet the highest professional standards of integrity, ethics, and legal skill. We offer the highest level of service to our clients, while also using efficient and cost-effective staffing. We discuss costs and alternatives in advance of expenditures, encourage our clients to contact us with questions, and appreciate feed-back.
  5. Our firm maintains a supportive work environment; provides employees a satisfying work experience; and ensures professional development through selective hiring and retention, ongoing education, and participation in community and professional activities.
  6. Maximizing revenue in disregard of our principles is not and will not be our purpose. We fairly charge for our services and ask prompt payment, so as to maintain a strong financial base to support our practice, enable the hiring of talented attorneys and staff, and facilitate our public service activities and community involvement.

Our Vision

We are, and always aspire to be:

Trusted by our clients
and the community

A benefit to
our community

Committed to the
legal profession

A business that cares about
the well-being of its employees

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