Trademark and Copyright

We believe that a company’s brand is a precious asset. It deserves to be protected from the challenges of the global marketplace. And we know for some clients, your content or other works of expression need protection too.

Hoge Fenton develops customized trademark and copyright strategies to protect and enhance the value of our clients’ brands in the global marketplace.

Our trademark and copyright prosecution and counseling services include the following:

  •  Pre-Adoption Risk Assessment and Counseling: We research and analyze proposed marks to evaluate legal strengths, risks, and opportunities.
  • Strategic Global Trademark Prosecution: Our attorneys prepare and file U.S. Federal and state Trademark applications. We protect marks in international markets through Madrid Protocol filings and by utilizing our global network of trademark counsel and agents.
  • Use Counseling: Our team advises and provides training regarding best practices in brand usage for optimal development and maintenance of rights over time.
  • Enforcement, Prosecution, and Monitoring: Our attorneys prosecute and defend enforcement actions before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and in federal court. We also represent clients in domain name disputes and matters dealing with cybersquatters. We utilize local counsel to enforce international and multi-jurisdictional enforcement actions.
  • Licensing and Other Agreements: We negotiate and draft trademark licensing agreements, co-existence agreements, and co-branding agreements, among others.
  • Advertising and Marketing: We review advertising and marketing copy to identify and address potential legal issues before release.
  • Copyright: Our attorneys evaluate copyright assets and provide strategic counseling, registration, enforcement, defense, and agreements to meet your business needs.


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