Hoge Fenton is the one mid-sized law firm in the South Bay Area that has been in the trenches doing triage on data breaches since 2008. From stolen laptops to phishing scams to hacked servers, Hoge Fenton manages all aspects of incident response, including computer forensics, reputation management, notification, mitigation, and litigation. Hoge Fenton develops privacy and data security plans and provides guidance to help clients minimize the risks of a data breach.

Any company, regardless of its size, that possesses or controls the personal information of individuals, whether they are employees, customers or otherwise, is required by law to protect that information from unauthorized access or disclosure and take affirmative, demonstrative steps from mitigating the risk of losing that sensitive information.

Our Services

  • Onsite privacy/data security compliance assessments
  • Onsite and online privacy & data security awareness training Privacy policies
  • Online terms of service and terms of use
  • Records management and data security plans
  • Record retention/destruction schedules
  • HIPAA Business associate agreements
  • Agreements with third parties who have access to confidential data
  • Data hosting agreements
  • Data transfer agreements
  • Data breach notification and crisis management services
  • Manage government requests for information, including grand jury subpoenas, search warrants, pen register trap and trace orders, Title III electronic surveillance orders, National Security Letters, etc.
  • Legal/litigation holds
  • Computer forensics consulting services
  • Advocacy, arbitration, mediation, and litigation

We know from experience how traumatic a data breach can be for business owners and, therefore, we reach out to our existing clients to assist them in developing and implementing policies and procedures that address each stage of the lifecycle of data, from retention to preservation to destruction, to mitigate the risks of data breach.


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