Intellectual Property = Strategic Assets

We believe that intellectual property is often a company’s most valuable asset.

Our intellectual property litigation attorneys vigorously protect our clients’ established intellectual property rights including inventions, brands, proprietary work, and trade secrets. We similarly act decisively to defend our clients against allegations of such infringement.

Start-ups and established organizations regularly turn to Hoge Fenton to help them make strategic decisions about structuring their intellectual property in terms of patents, trade secrets, trademark, and copyright registrations.

Representative Experience:

Our attorneys have represented corporations, partnerships and individuals in both state, federal and appellate courts, including many federal district courts around the US. We have successfully defended large corporations in nationwide antitrust and class action cases.

Our attorneys have advised U.S., Asian, and overseas clients on an array of intellectual property issues that span the semiconductor device and manufacturing equipment industries, including integrated circuits, software, wafer bumping and processing, metrology, electro-mechanical devices, medical devices, sport product patents, automotive industry, computer input devices, and super I/O devices.

Trade Secrets and Unfair Business Practices

Trade secrets are one of the most valuable forms of intellectual property. Yet with the rise in employee mobility and the rapid evolution of technology, it is easier than ever for trade secrets to be compromised or stolen.

We strive to resolve conflicts in the most cost-effective and expeditious manner possible, encouraging alternate dispute resolution whenever appropriate. Our attorneys provide clients with a realistic evaluation of the merits of their case and recommend the appropriate strategy and staffing to maximize the chance for success. When litigation becomes inevitable, our clients turn to us due to our reputation and over 50 of years of trial experience. Additionally, judges and other attorneys routinely refer clients to us to resolve trade secrets disputes (including prosecuting and defending against alleged theft) such as:

  • Anti-trust
  • Unfair trade practices
  • Unfair competition litigation.

 Trademark and Copyright Protection, and Enforcement

A company’s brand sets it apart from competitors and carries hard-earned goodwill. Hoge Fenton represents clients in domain name disputes and matters involving cybersquatters. In the event of a conflict, our attorneys have extensive experience defending and prosecuting trademark claims before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and in court.

Patent Disputes

Many Hoge Fenton lawyers in this practice group have devoted their legal careers in the field of patent litigation both when we need to defend our clients against claims of infringement or to enforce their patent rights. We also counsel our clients in patent related issues to achieve their business goals. Should a conflict arise, we help clients reach a resolution swiftly and efficiently, if possible, including summary judgment or favorable claim construction. But if necessary, our lawyers can and have successfully handled cases through trial court and then appeal in a cost-effective manner.

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