Appellate work requires in-depth knowledge that goes beyond the written law to the intent of the law, combined with a creative, insightful perspective on the issues involved. As trial lawyers, we regularly appear before appellate courts across a wide range of disputes and subject matters.

We have handled appeals in a wide variety of practice areas including real estate disputes, government regulation of property rights such as zoning restrictions, government commercial advertising regulations, family business partnerships, trust and probate disputes, child custody, civil procedure, election law, and federal civil rights including First Amendment, Second Amendment, Due Process, and Equal Protection violations.

Our appellate experience includes:

  • Preparation of appellate and respondents’ briefs and extraordinary writ petitions in California and federal courts, including certiorari petitions to the California and United States Supreme Courts
  • Drafting patent case briefs for the Federal Circuit of Appeals
  • Successfully presenting oral argument in the California Court of Appeal and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal
  • Successful appeals of rulings
  • Successful defenses against appeals
  • Filing motions for reconsideration in California and federal courts, as well as petitions for en banc review in the Ninth Circuit
  • Filing amicus briefs in the Ninth Circuit
  • Providing advice to counsel about potential appellate issues before, during, and after trials in anticipation of possible appeals.
  • Providing advice to counsel including identifying, assessing, preserving, or avoiding potential appellate issues.
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