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Shareholders Lloyd Schmidt and Sean Cottle represented Urban Community Fund in closing four of six downtown San Jose projects for $184M

By Hoge Fenton | 02.21.2020 | Client Alerts

Shareholders Lloyd Schmidt and Sean Cottle represented Urban Community Fund in their partnership with Westbank Corp., assisting with the closing of four of the six sites in downtown San Jose for $184 million. Congratulations to Urban Community Fund and Westbank Corp., and our thanks to Urban Community […]

How Strong is Your Trademark?

By Hoge Fenton | 02.20.2020 | Client Alerts

Distinctive trademarks that are original, fanciful, and arbitrary such as the unique shape of Nike’s swoosh or the name of Honda’s luxury vehicle division Acura are considered strong marks. Generic and descriptive marks such as “instant noodle” or “app store” […]

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