Two 2020 Election Webinars – Make Your Vote Count and Propositions 15 & 19

By Hoge Fenton | 09.15.2020 | Client Alerts

This free webinar is a nonpartisan event to educate California voters on how to ensure their votes are counted, whether the ballots are submitted in person or by mail.

Our experts will answer questions and discuss topics such as:

  • What happens to an election ballot
  • How ballots are counted
  • Dispel myths about the balloting process
  • Lift the “curtain of mystery” surrounding election procedures

Our speakers are Kim Alexander, President of the nonpartisan California Voter Foundation, and Hon. Catharine B. Baker, former State Assemblywoman and Special Counsel to Hoge Fenton.

Have a question for our speakers?

Please email them to webinars@hogefenton.com

Meet Our Trusted Advisors

Kim Alexander is the President of the nonpartisan California Voter Foundation (www.calvoter.org). The California Voter Foundation (CVF) advocates for election reforms that help voters and build voter confidence. Major achievements include implementing online access to California campaign finance data, banning paperless electronic voting, and requiring voter-verified paper audit trails and post-election audits. Kim and CVF have successfully advanced numerous improvements to California’s vote-by-mail process, and she is currently focused on reducing mail ballot rejections.
Hon. Catharine B. Baker is Special Counsel to Hoge Fenton. Catharine was a Member of the California State Assembly for the 16th District from 2014 – 2018. During her legislative tenure, Catharine developed a reputation as an independent, bipartisan voice in the CA Legislature, fostering collaboration that led to breakthroughs in significant legislation, particularly on transportation, the environment, and government accountability.

Save The Date – Free Webinar Program on Propositions 15 and 19

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