We Remember Former Client, Actor James Garner

By Hoge Fenton | 07.22.2014 | Firm Post

Actor James Garner passed away July 19th. Hoge Fenton partner Lew Fenton represented Garner in a successful defense during the peak of Garner’s popularity as an actor.

In his memoirs, Fenton wrote:

At the “Crosby Clambake” (now called the AT&T Pro-Am Golf Tournament), Garner’s partner, Cook, had a chance to win the professional side of that tournament and was lining up a putt on the 17th green at Pebble Beach when the plaintiff-to-be, in the gallery, shouted out to Garner, “hi ya, Rocky!” – Garner’s character’s nickname on his then very successful television show (The Rockford Files).

As one of the witnesses described that which followed, “The crowd spread like the Red Sea,” and Garner gave a lesson in golf etiquette in the form of a punch in the nose. The young loudmouth retaliated with a lawsuit against Garner seeking God knows how much in damages.

It turned out that it went full bore all the way to a jury verdict. Justice prevailed.


James Garner and Lew Fenton

The press snapped this roguish photo of Garner and Fenton as they were leaving the courtroom.

Garner was a gracious man who visited our office after the trial and went to just about every desk in the building, including the bookkeeping area, and personally thanked all of the Hoge Fenton crew for what he felt was excellent representation.

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