March 2021 | Women’s History Month Spotlight

Meet Heather Larrick

Heather Larrick is the Executive Director of Hoge Fenton. She joined the firm in 2019, bringing over 20 years of mid-size and large law firm leadership experience. She leads the firm’s administrative functions, including finance, marketing, quality assurance and risk management, human resources, staff support, systems administration, information resources, vendor relationships, facilities, and communication.

What thrills you about working Hoge Fenton?

Many things thrill me about working at Hoge. The firm really abides by its Touchstones (i.e.; trusted by our clients and our community; a benefit to our community; committed to the legal profession; and a business that cares about the well-being of its employees). As part of the firm’s management committee, I’ve seen that the firm makes decisions with this vision as the backdrop. I really love the firm’s community involvement including its efforts to support minority-owned businesses. I’ve been really impressed by how the firm has had the well-being of its employees at the forefront, especially during the pandemic. Some businesses started off the economic downturn caused by the pandemic by laying off employees. At Hoge, that was always going to be the last resort (and one which happily we managed to avoid). And, of course, we do very good legal work in a variety of practices. As a result of all this, our employees are proud to work here, as am I.

Why is Women’s History Month important to you?

Women’s History Month is important because the contributions of women have often been overlooked and overshadowed. It’s important to intentionally acknowledge that half the population is responsible for many local and global accomplishments that often go unnoticed. Recognizing Women’s History Month also creates a safe space for women to learn about these things since we ourselves are not always aware and we need to be proud of our own successes, and by knowing about them, build on them. It also helps women to improve on using our own voices to speak up and take credit when credit is due.

How do you ensure Hoge Fenton is a business that cares about its employees?

Hoge Fenton dedicated to the welfare of its employees than anywhere I’ve ever worked. As a result, I’ve learned to always start any decision-making process with employees’ in mind. Because this drive to be concerned about the employees comes from the very top of management, it makes it easy for me to follow this path and to make my decisions according to that model. The employees recognize and appreciate the firm’s approach, which in turn makes my job so much more enjoyable. I love it at Hoge!!

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