March 2021 | Women’s History Month Spotlight

Meet Alison Buchanan

Alison Buchanan is a Shareholder in the firm’s Silicon Valley office, where she focuses her practice on business litigation. Alison is the Chair of the firm’s Business Litigation Practice Group. She represents clients in complex business disputes, including contract, fraud, misappropriation of trade secrets, and unfair competition claims. She has significant trial experience, including serving as lead trial counsel in jury and bench trials in state and federal court.

What thrills you about working at Hoge Fenton?

Hoge Fenton’s people-focused culture thrills me. Years ago, as a Hoge Fenton associate, I was supported, mentored, and guided by so many talented and generous senior lawyers. Now, as a shareholder and a practice group leader, I get to pay that forward by supporting, mentoring, and guiding our junior lawyers. It is beyond gratifying to see a young lawyer grow as a practitioner, develop into an excellent lawyer, and become a stellar member of the firm and the legal community. That dynamic exists all over the firm, with so many of our people undertaking that extra effort to ensure that everyone has the tools they need to succeed. We truly have a culture of “pulling others up the ladder,” and that is really special.

Why is Women’s History Month important to you?

Recognizing the women who have trailblazed and fought for women’s rights and equality is important because, without looking back, it is easy to take for granted where we are today. While we have made tremendous progress, there is still much more to make. Women’s History Month reminds of us of the past, reinforces that there is still more work to do, and confirms that working for that progress is worthwhile.

Tell us how you ensure you’re trusted by your clients?

Clients trust is earned by being proactive, responsive, and thorough.  And, of course, getting great results does not hurt, either.

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