May 2021 | AAPI Heritage Month

Meet Darlene Chiang

Darlene provides domestic and international clients with practical legal solutions to resolve issues as they progress through their critical lifecycle milestones from formation, debt, and equity financing, entering strategic technology transfer and commercial transactions, to successful exit by merger and acquisitions. Darlene has extensive experience representing high-growth companies and their investors as well as mature privately-held companies and their founders.  Darlene is fluent in Chinese and routinely works with international companies to set up and expand their US presence.

What thrills you about working at Hoge Fenton?

Hoge provides a very cordial working environment. The shareholders are supportive and open-minded about new ideas and initiatives. The staff is super-helpful, responsive, and on top of their work.

Describe your AAPI heritage?

I am a first-generation Chinese American. I immigrated to this country from Shanghai, China during my teenage years. I am proud of my Chinese heritage especially our food culture. I spend most of my YouTube time watching Chinese food shows. I hope to contribute my favorite Chinese recipe to Hoge’s Holiday cookbook collection since I regrettably missed the last one.

How can anyone be an ally to the AAPI community with the heightened rise in violence?

I think often time hate originates from ignorance. If everyone is willing to learn more about the AAPI community, its people, and the cultures, then they can become more appreciative of the AAPI community and educate those who have biases and prejudices against the AAPI community.

Explain how you are committed to the legal profession?

I enjoy the legal profession since it is one of the most intellectually rewarding jobs on the planet. I am committed to it by being attentive to my client’s needs as their trusted advisor, staying current on the new developments in my practice areas, and constantly enhancing and expanding my professional skills by working with a brilliant team like the one we have at Hoge Fenton.

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