June 2021 | Pride Month

Meet Dolores Martinez

With over 25 years of legal management roles at boutique firms, Dolores oversees the firm’s human resources initiatives which include employment law compliance, formulating and recommending HR policies and procedures, overseeing employee benefits programs, and managing payroll. She also supervises the firm’s day-to-day facilities operations, works with property management on office space and parking issues, and tracks the firm’s fixed assets.

What thrills you about working at Hoge Fenton?

It thrills me to work for an organization that has not only a business conscience, but a social conscience as well.

Why is Pride Month important to you?

As a parent of twins who both identify as gay, it’s important to me that society doesn’t limit their opportunities based on who they love.  Everyone should be able to be their authentic selves without any fear or anxiety of judgment from others.  We should practice this ideal every day of the year, but Pride Month provides us the opportunity to be especially mindful of people of every style, love, and culture.

Tell us how you’re living the Hoge Fenton vision?

Being committed to helping employees and/or clients have the best experience possible while working with the firm is how I show my commitment to living by Hoge Fenton’s vision.

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