March 2021 | Women’s History Month Spotlight

Meet Lauren Cotton

Lauren Cotton is an associate attorney in Hoge Fenton’s Corporate and Business Law Practice Group. Her practice focuses on assisting clients with the formation of business entities, drafting agreements, and negotiating deals. Lauren plans to specialize in mergers and acquisitions, business transactions, and nonprofit formations.

What thrills you about working at Hoge Fenton?

What thrills me about working for Hoge Fenton is working for a firm that values serving clients and the community as well as integrity and compassion. Hoge Fenton has committed to having women in positions of power that impact the firm. It is a wonderfully supportive organization with continuous opportunities to progress and learn. I am excited to learn from so many experienced female legal professionals that have successfully navigated the industry and paved the way for women like myself.

Why is Women’s History Month important to you?

Women’s History Month is important to me because it’s an acknowledgment of the obstacles that women have faced, many of which have historically been ignored or overlooked, and a celebration of the incredible accomplishments of women despite being marginalized. It is also an important time to explore the current struggles women face and how we can unify our communities to overcome issues of sexism, inequity, and racism.

How is Hoge Fenton a benefit to the community?

Hoge is a benefit to the community because it encourages its employees to actively seek ways to serve the community whenever possible, whether that be with legal services or community outreach. When I worked for Hoge as a law clerk I participated in a local cleanup effort and I was very proud to be working for an organization that was committed to supporting its community. Now that I am an associate attorney at Hoge I am happy to have already started participating in Pro Bono opportunities that positively impact the community such as helping local entrepreneurs form their businesses.


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