AAPI Heritage Month Spotlight – Natasha Tran

Meet Natasha Tran

Natasha Tran is member of Hoge Fenton’s Family Law Practice Group.  Natasha specializes in drafting Domestic Violence Restraining Orders and Request for Orders regarding child custody and visitation, support, and complex financial issues. She represents clients in all stages of discovery while maintaining consistent communication with clients, opposing counsel, and experts. Natasha is also a Mentee for the Asian Pacific American Bar Association and a frequent volunteer for Elevate Community Center, helping underserved communities with domestic violence or family law concerns.

How do you identify within the Asian American or Pacific Islander community?

I identify as a Vietnamese-American woman in the AAPI community.  I am very proud to be an Asian-American woman and strive to break the stereotypes associated with Asian-American women being timid, overly accepting, and non-confrontational.  This is also why I chose to not change my last name when I got married to my husband last year.  I wanted to keep my last name and show people that I am proud of being Asian-American woman.

How has your heritage shaped the person you are today?

My heritage and culture helped shape my work ethic, my values, and my perspective.  I understand that hard work and having a great work ethic will get you very far in life, but I am also realistic that networking and knowing the right people will help to get you even farther.  I strongly value honesty, respect, and kindness as my family and friends that I grew up with were taught those qualities were just as important as being intelligent.

Does your family have any traditions that are especially important to you?

Both my parents and many of my relatives instilled the importance of taking care of your elders, especially your parents, as you get older.  My parents worked hard to provide a comfortable life for me financially, academically, and physically and it motivated me to work hard and hopefully be able to do the same for them one day, especially if they need it.

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