May 2021 | AAPI Heritage Month

Meet Seth Silapasvang

Seth Silapasvang is Hoge Fenton’s Director of Information Technology. Seth administers the network and telecommunications systems in the firm’s San Jose, Pleasanton, and San Mateo offices. His areas of responsibility include IT purchasing, help desk, maintaining hardware and software vendor contracts, telephony, advising on and ensuring compliance with the firm’s technology policies, and maintaining robust systems for the firm’s legal professionals who work remotely.

What thrills you about working at Hoge?

Multiple things. First and foremost, the people. Everyone is wonderful to work with and I am happy to come in every day to see them (or will be once we are allowed to do that again). Secondly, which I suppose is an extension of the first, the support given by the entire office. Hoge Fenton is an environment that looks within for growth before looking outward. We all trust each other and our expertise which makes us a great team. I have always felt lucky to have found Hoge Fenton early in my career.

Describe your AAPI heritage?

My AAPI heritage comes from my father’s side. My father emigrated from Thailand when he was 17.  My grandparents ran textiles on motorcycles through the streets of Bangkok. Growing up my father made it a point to keep in contact with our relatives. My grandfather was Japanese and left Japan before World War II. We recently learned that he originally hailed from Nagasaki Prefecture, although I am unsure as to exactly where in the Prefecture.  I’m extremely lucky to have been able to travel to both countries and meet and spend time with extended family.

How can anyone be an ally to the AAPI community with the heightened rise in violence?

Everyone and anyone should be an ally against all violence against others in general. It is very disheartening that the Asian American community is being targeted for violence, especially by communities who have had that same violence brought against them.  The best thing for people to do is to SAY SOMETHING. If people are confronted for their actions or questioned before an action happens then maybe others will realize that every person is their own unique self and aren’t necessarily representative of whatever is being targeted. We are all humans, let’s start there.

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