May 2021 | AAPI Heritage Month

Meet Cara Mae Acibo

Cara Mae C. Acibo is a member of the firm’s Business Litigation Practice Group. She advocates for her clients in all phases of litigation, including case investigation and strategy, pleadings, discovery, motion practice, and early resolution. Cara is located in the firm’s Silicon Valley office.

What thrills you about working at Hoge Fenton?

What thrills me the most about working at Hoge Fenton is being able to work with positive, supportive, and inclusive team members, and getting hands-on experience on interesting and exciting cases.  Hoge Fenton provides the opportunity for me to be a crucial part of case management and strategy in a variety of practice areas, allowing me to strengthen my skills and grow in my career as an attorney.  I feel valued at Hoge Fenton, both as a person and as an attorney.

Describe your AAPI heritage?

Both of my parents are from the Central Visayas region in the Philippines.  Although their families have some Chinese and Spanish roots, the majority of their family history is rooted in the Philippines and Filipino culture.  After graduating college and entering the workforce as young professionals, my parents decided to pursue the American Dream and immigrate to the United States.  They landed here in the early 1980s and eventually settled down near Los Angeles, California.  While I was born and raised in Southern California, I identify largely with Filipino culture as a first-generation Filipino American.

How can anyone be an ally to AAPI community with the heightened rise in violence?

People can be allies to the AAPI community in a number of ways, including listening to and recognizing the struggles of the AAPI community, devoting time to learn about and appreciate our many cultures, and voicing their support for the safety and well-being of the AAPI community.

How is Hoge Fenton a benefit to the community?

Hoge Fenton truly values the community and actively prioritizes the well-being of the community.  On top of participating in community service activities, Hoge Fenton provides Pro Bono legal services to those in need, as well as opportunities for local students to gain meaningful work experience at great law firm.  As the 2021 Co-Chair of the Bay Area Minority Summer Clerkship Program (BAMSCP), I can always rely on Hoge Fenton to open its doors to a diverse first-year law student, provide that student with real-world work experience, and help that student grow their network and skillset.  Hoge Fenton also prioritizes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by creating opportunities and safe spaces for community members to discuss and learn about those topics.

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