Susan M. Nave

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Susan M. Nave

Director of Human Resources & Facilities

60 South Market Street, Suite 1400
San Jose, CA 95113

408-938-3881 | 408-287-2583

Susan M. Nave

Main Bio


Sue Nave is manager of the firm’s human resources/personnel, benefits, payroll, and facilities functions. Among other things, she is responsible for managing the firm’s relationships with its insurers, suppliers, vendors, landlords, and outsourced office services provider. Sue also has managed a significant remodel of the firm’s Silicon Valley office (which necessitated two complex moves of nearly 100 employees and subtenants), and supported a build-out and move of its Tri-Valley office.

Prior to joining the firm, Sue worked for a technology support company. She joined Hoge Fenton in 2000.


  • University of California at Berkeley
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