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Maggie Desmond


55 South Market St., Suite 900
San Jose, CA 95113

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Maggie Desmond

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Maggie Desmond is a veteran family law paralegal who is responsible for initial client interviews and intake. Along with her team, she prepares family law pleadings, discovery, and other documents necessary to family law litigation.

Formerly with the law firms of Hammer & Jacobs and Robert J. Tennant, Maggie has decades of experience in family law practice.

Clients appreciate Maggie’s knowledge, responsiveness, and rapport with family court personnel and other family law firm personnel developed over years of working together. Maggie also has in-depth experience working with forensic accountants on issues relating to family law matters, psychologists and psychiatrists facilitating custody assessments and evaluations, vocational assessors and other professionals in the community who assist family law attorneys.

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